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Homeowners Insurance

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Do you do any of the following: Operate an office or studio in your home, babysit in your home, or have clients come into your home to make purchases?

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Have you added a permanent swimming pool?

Are you interested in earthquake coverage?

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Do you want a quote to add OR increase your current limit of Backup of Sewer and Drains?

Flood is excluded from your homeowners policy. Would you like more information on how to purchase Flood Insurance?

Do you own a vacation home that needs insurance?

Coverage for liability from a Trampoline may be excluded. Do you own a Trampoline and need to discuss this?

Would it cost more to rebuild your home than the amount it is insured for?

Is your home titled in a Trust? (this is NOT the same as a mortgagee).

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Do you want a quote to increase your Umbrella Liability Policy OR do you want a quote for an Umbrella Liability Policy?

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Do you have a wood burning stove?

Automobile Insurance

Do you want a quote to increase your auto liability limit?

Does your auto policy specify by name all of the drivers in your household?

Do you have a teen in your household that will obtain a drivers license or school permit this year?

Do you have a company car furnished for your regular use?

Does our agency insure all of the vehicles you own?

Do you want to talk about additional coverage available, such as Lease Gap, Towing, or Rental?

Would you like us to send you a FREE Insurance ID Card Holder for each of your vehicles?

Do you or anyone in your family use your vehicle for Uber, Lyft, or other delivery service (food, newspapers, pizza, etc)?

Is anyone else a titled owner of a vehicle listed on your policy other than you or your spouse?

Do you have any children listed on your auto policy who no longer live at home and are not in college?

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